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Dead Singers Society 3-Issue Bundle!


Buy all three issues of our flagship Dead Singers Society zine together for just £12!

More than a hundred pages of comics, illustration and writing from some of our favourite artists writing about their favourite dead singers. Some are the big ones you'd expect - Bowie, Prince, Elvis, Freddie Mercury, Amy Winehouse. Others are people you might not have heard of, or if you have, you might not know their story or how they changed someone's life. Some led tragic lives, some shouted, some crooned, some drummed, some screamed. All of them were great souls, and they've all been immortalised in this series of anthology zines.

Including work from Tim Bird, Rozi Hathaway, Mike Medaglia, Paul B. Rainey, Wallis Eates, John Riordan, Elizabeth Querstret, James Howard, Faye Spencer, Louie Stowell and lots lots more! Check out our Dead Singers Playlist on Spotify for the full list of singers we've covered.

See below for each volume's individual listing:
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3