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At War with Yourself by Samuel C. Williams

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In this illustrated conversation between Samuel C. Williams and his friend, Matt, they talk candidly about Matt's struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder.

"At War with Yourself uses a novel and highly effective way through which to educate people with PTSD and their families, and those potentially at risk, about the nature, features, effects and consequences of PTSD. This short cartoon format book gets this message across in a captivating, unique, engaging and concise style and I commend it highly." (Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes, Military and Veteran Psychologist and Trauma Specialist)

"At War with Yourself will help veterans who have a problem with PTSD and related disorders to recognise symptoms and get help. This comic strip is easy to understand and will help to reduce stigma and increase engagement in treatment." (Dr Walter Busuttil, Director of Medical Services, Combat Stress)

32 Pages. Published by Singing Dragon 2016 and distributed by Good Comics. All copies come signed and sketched in.