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The Full Hicks (Human Garbage + Glorious Wrestling Alliance 1+2)


With this amazing exclusive deal you can buy all three of Josh Hicks' print comics for the special price of £12!!

About Human Garbage
Human Garbage collects eight of Josh Hicks’ stories, covering work previously self-published and strips penned for Off Life and Dirty Rotten Comics, with many strips re-coloured and re-packaged exclusively for the collection along with brand new strips.
Along with painfully honest observations in the stories Body Conscious and Club, there are also satirical, witty magical realist strips Waste and Wake Up, and a pulpy detective throwback story, The Case of the Black Cat. This collection is a landmark work from a major new voice in British comics and a Broken Frontier Six to Watch artist.

About Glorious Wrestling Alliance
24p backstage wrestling epic! Follow the behind-the-scenes goings on at a wrestling promotion in the build up to the biggest show of the year. Dramas, neuroses and existential crises play out among a cast of literally tens of wrestlers, and at least one has a fish for a head! Dumb, dumb comix and not much actual wrestling! But enough!

"If GWA were a wrestler it would be a fun loving cruiserweight or upper mid-carder. What it lacks in heavyweight stature it more than makes up for with high-impact humour and tons of originality. All of which makes it into a champion comic!" - Pipedream Comics

About Glorious Wrestling Alliance: Grappling Road
The dysfunctional cast of the GLORIOUS WRESTLING ALLIANCE are getting in a bus and going on tour! Features simmering tension, petty bickering, sub-par personal hygiene and wanton invasion of space and boundaries. Official stand-alone sequel status: no prior reading necessary for enjoyment!
A5, blue riso on white paper. Twenty-six pages of pure GWA comix, plus BONUS illustrations from Rob Marland and James Lawrence, along with a full four-page BACK-UP STRIP by Ioan Morris. What a time to be alive!

"Glorious Wrestling Alliance: Grappling Road is a strangely adorable look at life on the road with a delightfully weird roster of wrestlers ... Hicks manages to fit a startling amount of drama in 26 pages, but his bold, cartoonish style keeps the story light-hearted and fun." -Newsarama