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GWA: Grappling Road by Josh Hicks


The dysfunctional cast of the GLORIOUS WRESTLING ALLIANCE are getting in a bus and going on tour! Features simmering tension, petty bickering, sub-par personal hygiene and wanton invasion of space and boundaries. Official stand-alone sequel status: no prior reading necessary for enjoyment!
A5, blue riso on white paper. Twenty-six pages of pure GWA comix, plus BONUS illustrations from Rob Marland and James Lawrence, along with a full four-page BACK-UP STRIP by Ioan Morris. What a time to be alive!


"Glorious Wrestling Alliance: Grappling Road is a strangely adorable look at life on the road with a delightfully weird roster of wrestlers ... Hicks manages to fit a startling amount of drama in 26 pages, but his bold, cartoonish style keeps the story light-hearted and fun." -Newsarama